The Magic of Emotional Intelligence

The World Congress

The largest congress on Neurolinguistic Programming, Coaching, Hypnosis, Constellation and Mindfulness in the world, will be promoted by the main associations of the genre and will effectively contribute to raise ethics and excellence in these areas, opening space for discussions and academic studies, invited or registered institutions.

Sobre o congresso mundial

Tunisia - Paris - Croatia - Germany - Brazil

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World NLP Congress in Tunisia World NLP Congress in Paris World NLP Congress in Croatia World NLP Congress in Germany

Scientific research

With the objective of sharing knowledge and research results that are being developed around the world, promoting an in-depth debate on topics pertinent to self-knowledge and emotional intelligence, through Neurolinguistic Programming, Coaching, Family Constellation, Hypnosis and Mindfulness, the World Congress dedicates a space in its programming for academic studies.

Scientific initiation research, some carried out in Brazil by the VOCÊ Institute itself, in partnership with the Inesp Faculty (National Institute of Education and Research), as well as other invited or registered institutions, have the purpose of providing an exchange environment among researchers, with recent findings and reflections on related areas. All the works will be unpublished and selected by a specialized team, based on the real contribution of the themes for human development and society in general.

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Bento Augusto

Founder and director of VOCÊ Institute and of AICIS (International Academy of Systemic Integrative Coaching). Leader Business certified by the Society of Neurolinguistic Programming, Author of eight books, the leading authorities in NLP in the world.


Karl Nielsen - Palestrante do congresso mundial

Karl Nielsen

He is president of the German Association of Psychotherapy. He is co-founder and co-developer of NLPdy (World Council of Psychotherapy and Neuro-linguistic Psychology). Director of the International School of Psychology. President of the IN entities, ICI and WHO (World Hypnosis Organization).


Rosana Oliveira - Palestrante do congresso mundial

Rosana Oliveira

Doctor with specialization in Internal Medicine, Geriatrics and Exercise Medicine. He has been trained in Systemic Constellations with Bernd Isert and also trained in Ericksonian Hypnosis. She is Master Coaching and she is also Master Trainer in Neurolinguistic Programming.


Nandana - Palestrante do congresso mundial

Nandana Nielsen

One of the leading personalities within the scientific area of ​​NLP therapy and hypnosis-related coaching, she teaches at Universidad Azteca, in Mexico, and at the Central University of Nicaragua. It's is in front of entities IN, ICI and WHO.


Rosana Oliveira - Palestrante do congresso mundial

Juliana Veloso

Master Coach with International certification by ICI, ECA and Metaforum. Graduated in Psychology with MBA in Business Management. Master Trainer in Neurolinguistic Programming recognized internationally by the Society of Neurolinguistic Programming.


Angela Bachfeld - Ponente do congresso mundial

Angela Bachfeld

Coach, therapist and international business consultant. She has worked in more than 50 countries, her work being internationally recognized and rewarded for creating methodology that assures deep learning and deep experience.


Teresa Carelli - Palestrante do congresso mundial

Teresa Carelli

Master Trainer from IN (International Association of NLP Institutes), is an administrator with an MBA in Team Coaching and Strategic Leadership, an entrepreneur in the human development area, accumulating more than 15 years of experience as a trainer of behavioral experiences and technical training courses in Neurolinguistic programming.


Lucas Derks - Ponente do congresso mundial

Lucas Derks

Member of the International Laboratory for Research in Mental Space and the entities NVNLP, UN and IANLP. Coach certified in NLP at the Instituut voor Eclectische Psychologie. Co-founder of the William James Foundation and creator of new methods in the field of social systems.


Rebecca Szeto - Palestrante do congresso mundial

Rebecca Szeto

First to receive a Hellinger Sciencia® diploma in the world. She is a member of the German Association of Constellation DGfS Systems, having organized the "Relationship 360 °" program in Hong Kong, presenting the Systemic Constellation in 28 episodes on China's main television channel.


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